Special formula Extra-Feeding for Managing Problems
When regular formula can’t fulfill the babies’ needs, what’s next? –Learn about special feeding for coping with irregular cases.

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Milk-AllergyCow’s Milk Allergies (CMA)
When baby developing symptoms of food allergies –rash skins, colic, badly reflux or fussy –they may be suspected to get CMA. Learn more how to deal with it.
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lactose IntolerenceLactose Intolerance 

Lactose sensitive isn’t the same as Protein sensitive, though some symptoms seem to be alike. Learn more

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premature Premature /Pre-Term Babies 

Prematurely birth babies need specially care and feeding. While your breastmilk isn’t sufficient for them, lean more about food for preemies.

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My Baby Got Colic, Fuzzy, Gassy & etc…, Any Formulas For Him?

Breast milk is always the best that pediatricians recommended for your babies. If you can’t do that for some reasons, the bottle feeding is introduced. However, what happens when regular formula seems to make them ill –terribly colic, gassy, GoRDs, fuzzy, rash skins, diarrhea, rash skins and other stomach digestive disorders –what’s the next? These are what you parents should know more about them.

Our guides are from experts and reliable suggestion which intend to help educate parents and caregivers about feeding disorders and specialty formulas. However, Like common reminds, before changing or starting any irregular formulas (non diary-based formulas), DO consult with your health care providers for your baby’s healthy growth.


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